Sing karaoke, and never worry about forgetting the words, ever again. Its very easy. You can either sing with the music online, and the words will scroll by as you sing, or you can download the files, and install our software provider's free software to be able to sing fearlessly. Its very easy!


The Free Karaoke Software allows you the flexibility to change the pitch and tempo of the song so that you will always be able to sing comfortably.


Zingerbay has over 330 karaoke in the database.



Free Karaoke Software

You can download a free copy of Karafun Software from the following link



This software will let you

  • Modify the Tempo of the Karaoke downloaded from Zingerbay
  • Modify the pitch of the Karaoke downloaded form Zingerbay




Karaoke on Demand

We now offer Karaoke on demand please checkout our offer


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